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Immediate lead generation through click to call!! Enable customers to talk to you immediately.

After having invested significant time and resources into developing your website, are you still not satisfied by the business garnered? Is the actual number of leads generated proportional to the number of customers who visit your site? Have you ever wondered how many potential customers you might have lost due to complicated 'contact forms'?

Most website visitors are discouraged by bothersome 'contact forms' and are often convinced that they will not get a follow up call or reply, whereas certain customers are hesitant to leave their contact details. The extra expense incurred while making a call can also deter customers. In all these instances, lead generation does not take place.

Now you don't have to lose a potential customer. Give an impetus to your efforts to generate more leads! Let customers call you directly when they are on your website, directly from your website and this at a click of a button and not even having to dial the number!! Avail this at practically negligible costs. Just use our hosted hassle-free Click-to-Call service.

Offered as simple web-APIs and ready-made scripts, incorporating Click-to-Call is a simple and quick process

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